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Culturnique is a unique experience that empowers my dynamic team to exhibit their talents to the world by supporting small business owners in establishing a digital footprint that will help them broaden their reach and market their brand.

About the Consultant

Alleah Erica Clarke is a Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture student, a Business Strategist and Development Coach, and the Managing Consultant of her company, AJ Cultured.

She hailed from Manhattan, New York, and was born in the 1980s. Her passions lie in many areas such as pregnancy, birth and gestation, human rights, poverty and homelessness, marginalized communities, and injustices related to servitude. She sees herself as an educator, healer, innovator, mentor, influencer, researcher, connector, trainer, among many other roles in different aspects of her life. She is “The Anomaly,” a puzzle piece, a walking Google, a constant learner, and a scholar. In every opportunity, she strives to look for ways to improve herself and others.

Having been a solopreneur herself, she understands the responsibilities and struggles of small business owners that strive to see their visions through. For the most part, Alleah wants to address the concerns of solopreneurs, including not having enough time, resources, and workforce, not having people that would guide them along their journey, not knowing how to grow their business, or not having a community that understands. She founded this organization to allow her to do what she loves to do: help people and become a vehicle of change. Alleah intends to solidify the identity of Culturnique as a digital design firm that allows clients to get to where they want to be, propel their brands to higher heights and newer sites, hold businesses accountable to their journeys, and ultimately influence change. 

The Inspiration behind the name “Culturnique.”

As a small business owner who couldn’t afford digital services and learning ways to create the graphics I needed for the website, I needed for myself. I ultimately realized that I was one of many who needed the same support. Affordable digital design that helped cover everything. And for small businesses, the price points are very high for them to invest in digital frameworks. Culturnique is a small business-affordable, full-service digital design firm to help get the things necessary to be seen and visible by clients and consumers who want to spend on you.

The Story Behind Culturnique.

Our Naming Workshop, a product exclusive to our company, birthed the name “Culturnique.” We decided to throw together a name in a digital hat, and we came up with Culturnique. It stood out because our experiences and services are unique, and you can’t get such comprehensiveness anywhere else. I pride myself on providing cultured and refined digital experiences with our digital products.


Culturnique is the digital design firm that every entrepreneur needs. We offer affordable services for all things digital.

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