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Working doesn't have to involve 100% effort. You must be able to work efficiently. If there is an opportunity for growth, always pursue it head-on.

Magis, “to strive for more.”

Neth, the department head of PivoTrends, is the reliable social media manager that any small business owner needs. He began his journey with the Culturnique family on September 2, 2021. Guided by principles, he aspires to be a role model for other people always to be directed towards the right path. He wishes his influence on other people to be inspirational and significant, allowing them the chance to open up to him because he is a loyal and trustworthy person. He has effortlessly demonstrated his leadership skills in every team endeavor by taking the initiative to get things started. Despite this professional and invaluable persona, Neth is also one of the most eccentric members of the Culturnique family. One of Neth’s passions lies in basketball, as he has been a student-athlete scholar when he was still studying. 

As the department head of PivoTrends and Culturnique’s social media manager, he is responsible for creating business profiles for his clients and scheduling month-long content for their respective social media platforms. One of his responsibilities also includes maximizing the reach of his clients’ brand by responding to messages and comments from their communities that stem from organic growth. Apart from his social media management tasks, Alleah appointed him as one of the Naming Workshop Masters, along with Ja and Carlos. In every aspect of his work, he makes sure that his communication with his clients is efficient and that he has thoroughly set their expectations. He stresses the importance of cultivating insightful and productive relationships with his clients.

Being one of the “Core Four,” AJ Cultured’s foundational team, Neth is thrilled to continue to witness AJ Cultured and Culturnique’s growth. What delighted him the most in being a part of the Culturnique family is that it was just as easy solidifying his bonds with the team just as much as it was forming them. He recognized how each team member seamlessly wove into each other, creating this vibrant and thriving environment, which is one of the things he loves most about Culturnique. As he fell in love with his role and the purpose of Culturnique, he anticipates for Culturnique to fully expand and establish headquarters in his country, where there is tangible equipment and in-person bonds are formed.


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