Department Head of ElevenImprint


The work that I do extends well beyond my abilities and expertise. Instead of writing for the sake of writing, I write with a specific goal in mind: to introduce my client to the world in a way that would allow them to leave an imprint on their target customers.

Que Sera Sera

Justine Alessandra, also known as “Bumble Ja,” is Culturnique’s youngest member. Ja joined the AJC family on October 1, 2021. Being AJ Cultured’s first Transcriber, Copywriter, and Content Writer, she aspires to expand her newly established department, ElevenImprint. The breadth of her tasks extends far beyond transcription and copywriting to cover everything from website content development to biography writing to social media content creation and so much more. Besides working as a transcriber and copywriter for AJC and Culturnique, she is currently a medical technology student at the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines. She even aspires to be a medical doctor or a cardiothoracic surgeon someday. What makes Ja a distinct member of Culturnique is her love for Starbucks coffee and the color pink. 

Every member of the Culturnique team has a strong working relationship with Ja because she provides much of the content needed by each department. Knowing that the rest of Culturnique could not accomplish their tasks without her content, Ja always feels like a bull is relentlessly chasing her. Nevertheless, despite having a lot of deadlines at once, she still thrives and overcomes the pressure she feels because of her team’s unwavering support and motivation. As a writer herself, Alleah is a great supporter of Ja’s interviewing capabilities and even thinks that she doubles as a detective. Since the bulk of the content her clients need comes from her, she sees to it that she understands her clients and their brands by heart. In doing so, she can create personalized content for her clients to be able to showcase them to the world. 

In Ja’s opinion, anyone who constantly has to meet deadlines, especially in a professional context, would be exhausted. As it turned out, this wasn’t the case for her every time. Despite the difficulties she faces occasionally, she has always found a silver lining in every situation. Her enthusiasm for her job developed with each encounter with a new client and continues to grow as more clients touch base. Her drive comes from the plethora of information she obtains from clients and each member’s inner flame, especially Alleah’s, as her flame, once ignited by her darling AJC, now burns for them both. 

Being the youngest among the Culturnique family, Ja aspires to be a vital energy source for the rest of her team, maybe just as strong as the coffee she drinks daily. She desires her Culturnique family to rely on her to lighten the working environment despite the upcoming deadlines. Currently, Ja looks forward to bringing more to the table, as she will be one of the co-authors for Alleah’s book, apart from the myriad of client launches she and her team are facing. Five years from now, Ja manifests that Culturnique will become all that Alleah wants Culturnique to become and more. Looking forward, Ja only aspires to be recognized as one of the many platforms through which people could experience the awesomeness and brilliance of AJC.

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