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Creativity cannot simply be automated. With the multimedia editing profession’s in demand, I am confident that my role in this industry will never be obsolete.

“I was never going to that guy with perfect hair and clothes. But when I got into punk rock, I thought, ‘I can be this.

Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Dennies, AKA “DenDen,” is one of HexRocMedia’s multitalented multimedia editors. Since September 27, 2021, he has been a member of the awesome Culturnique family. Apart from multimedia editing, he is a music enthusiast who enjoys learning different musical instruments. He and his HexRocMedia colleague, Karl, are remarkable instrumentalists, which inspired the department’s name. Dennies collaborates with Karl regularly to develop a variety of multimedia products under the HexRocMedia department. He appreciates collaborating with Karl because they act as the yin and yang of multimedia editing, balancing and complementing one another. Additionally, Dennies values creating meaningful and high-quality works of art that will pique the interest of others in creativity. He aspires to be a film producer in the future because his interests have always been in the arts.

Dennies specializes in most areas of the multifaceted multimedia editing industry. His responsibilities as a multimedia editor include the creation of podcasts, commercial videos, and social media videos. He prides himself most in reducing turnaround times for all types of video editing and processing. Dennies highlights the significance of establishing realistic expectations for his department’s products and services. Dennies, surprisingly, has a journalism background, and he could easily apply journalism concepts to visual storytelling in his current work as a multimedia editor. Factor in his passion, skill set, and experience, Dennies guarantees complete satisfaction for his clients and their needs.

He’s been having a blast ever since he joined the Culturnique family, especially while bonding and socializing with other team members. He particularly appreciates each family meeting because it allows him to interact with them even in a virtual environment. He does, however, want to meet them all in person one day. Dennies’ favorite component of his profession is advocating for his ideas in front of the entire team. His talents and skill set are constantly developing due to Culturnique’s “open culture,” which allows for more significant professional growth. He believes that with the help of his Culturnique family, he can overcome obstacles and feel triumphant with each successful client launch, despite daily difficulties. Dennies envisions himself remaining a part of the Culturnique family in five years. By that time, he sees Culturnique to have a vast clientele. Additionally, he expects to take on additional projects and renewing managerial duties for himself and his first-generation team members.


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